Warhammer 40K Lore

vaults of terra a lore series on warhammer fantasy witch will be used for lore videos on this websight aswell as other videos

Warhammer 40 Thousand is set ten thousand years after warhammer 30 thousand in the 41st millennium.


Since the events of the Horus Herasy The Emperor was left unable to leave and was interred on the Golden Throne which is designed to maintain his phsycick essence at the price of a thousand phsycick souls every single day. Without his leadership over time the imperium has fallen under a rain of technological regression and brutal dictatorship and has been waging war againsed virtually every non human in the galaxy.

warhammer 40K lore in about a minute
When the Horus Herasy ended the only dead primearchs were Horus, Sanguinius and Ferrus Manus but after the Herasy most of them died became daemon primearchs or became lost in the warp:
lion’l Jonson is asleep in a secret chamber of the rock
Fulgrim is a daemon Primearch of Slaanesh as the lord of the planet of undying pleasure
Perturabo is a Daemon Prince and the ruler of Medrengard
Jaghatai Khan disappeared into the Webway
Leman Russ is in the Eye of Terror
Rogal Dorn died during a Black Crusade
Konrad Curze was assassinated by the Callidus assassin M’Shen Sanguinius Killed by Horus
Ferrus Manus was decapitated by his brother Fulgrim
Angron is a deamon primearch
Roboute Guilliman was mortally wounded by Fulgrim and is in stasis (rumoured to be healing)
Morterian a daemon primearch of Nurgle and ruler of the Plague Planet Magnus is a Daemon Prince and the ruler of the Planet of The Sorcerers Horus is was killed by his farther the emperor
Lorgar is a daemon Prince and the ruler of Sicarus
Vulkun disappeared
Corvus Corax disappeared into the Eye of Terror
Alpherius and Omegon (unknown)(there is a possibility that Roboute Guilliman might have killed one of them but it is unknown.)