The Eldar Lore

The Eldar are a race with a history dating back to the first appearances of life in the known universe.

They were once a technologically super advanced race and were in a sense the rulers of the known universe millions of years ago and are now but a mere fragment of what they used to be, all separated on different craft worlds which are hyper massive ships the sizes of planets and rarely interact with one-another except during times of extreme desperation. The Eldar are commanded by a farseer because of their extreme physic power and slight foresight. The Eldar use an ancient form of transportation called the webway witch allows almost instantaneous travel from one place to the other across vast stellar distances. The Eldar have seven gods that gave them traits.

Asuryan gave the Eldar wisdom so they may know themselves, Isha gave the Eldar love so they may know one-another, Vaul gave the Eldar the Artifice as a means to make their dreams become realities, Lileath gave the Eldar joy so they would be happy, Kurnous gave them desire so they would prosper, Morai-heg gave them foresight so they would know there place in the world and lastly Kane who gave them anger so that they could defend their gifts.