The Dark Eldar Lore

The Dark Eldar were created during the very end of what was the golden age of the Eldar were they had reached a state at which they had no need for currency or business because they had reached such a physic state were they could will anything into existence and there only purposes were self-enbeternment, the pursuit of knowledge and most often to for-fill their desires no matter how extreme and so many groups had become more depraved and out of control, splitting off from their fellow Eldar and forming the dark Eldar.

Dark Eldar, like most Eldar kindreds, make use of advanced technology, including anti-gravity devices, dark matter weaponry, nanotechnology and psychic artefacts. However, this technology is manufactured instead of being psychically grown, and while Dark Eldar do make use of psychic devices, they do not use psychic powers themselves, for in order to use their gifts Psykers must channel the chaotic energies of the Warp. Such an act would attract the gaze of She Who Thirsts and invite disaster upon the entire race. As such, the use of the psychic pyrotechnics that are so familiar to their Craftworld kin is one of the few things forbidden in the dark spires of Commorragh